A Look into Cuba’s Tumultuous Past

I really enjoyed this history of Cuba. I must admit I am fascinated by the island. My father was adopted and when we met his biological family we learned of a great grandfather that was a cuban dentist. As the story was told to me, his wife was once a part of Welsh royalty but fell in love with him on vacation and was banished. I would love to get the opportunity to visit this country and experience the people and the lifestyle they are living. It is so fascinating that in the 21st century people are still being oppressed all around the world. It is sad to say but the more I explore the world and read about the U.S.’s foreign relations the more disappointed I am with my country. Our ideals were solid in the beginning but corruption has taken over in so many facets. I would love to be an ex-pat one day. I’d like to experience first hand the amount of genuine people that still exist in our world today.


Author’s note: Many readers have asked lots of questions about Cuba and why the US continues to have an embargo after 50 years. America’s relationship with Cuba is a fascinating albeit complicated topic. My goal for this post is to briefly outline the complex history between Cuba and the United States. It is a daunting task and by no means am I an expert. All the information used to write this post was gained from my people-to-people visits, interviews with Cubans, and reading and research on Cuban-American relations.  I feel it is hard to explain Cuba without explaining her long fight for freedom and revolutionary past. – thirdeyemom

Mi amigo in Trinidad I saw this man in Trinidad and he fit the bill of my image of a true Cuban.

Cuba is a place of perseverance, pride and frustration. In order to get an understanding of how today’s Cuba evolved, it is essential to…

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