Saving Saving Saving

It has been a couple weeks since I bought my tickets to Europe and decided I’m moving, I’m pretty proud of myself because saving money has been something that I struggle with but so far I have been doing a good job sticking to my budget and putting away the money I need. I’ve even been putting away extra money for each goal! The way I’ve chosen to set my budget is on a weekly basis, since I work with tips and a paycheck it tends to be easier for me to set my goals this way and achieve them. With my flights already purchased and my rooms rented, the savings I’m doing is primarily for entertainment and train tickets which is ideal. My goal is to save more than I think I will actually need in hopes of returning home and moving with more savings than originally anticipated. Moving is such a large cost in itself that I’ll need to be sure I can purchase a bed, couch, kitchen furniture and all those kinds of things as well so any extra money I can put away will be beneficial. So far I am further along than expected by putting away an extra $50 here and there. I find that putting money away on a weekly basis is encouraging and motivating me to continue on my savings goal and not go crazy with my spending. To me, it is still important to enjoy life and live rather than stay cooped up all the time but if you are aware of what you are able to spend you are less likely to go crazy with it.

Now is the fun stuff – deciding what I’m doing in each place and loosely planning the adventures I will take! Any thoughts on Amsterdam, Dublin, or Paris? Share your favorite places to hang out so I can explore the options I may not have discovered on my own yet!

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