Let The Festivals Begin!

Welcome to film festival season 2015! This year I will be working the Gasparilla International Film Festival as a volunteer which is very exciting because not only do I get to help continue a beloved Tampa film community tradition nine years in the running and learn more about how festivals come together, I also get to attend a plethora of screenings, Industry panels, and maybe even a party or two over the weekend. Festivals are great because it brings people from all over to a local community who are all like minded to network for new opportunities; festivals are also great learning experiences with workshops and conversations analysing films and what works in today’s market.

The last day of April marks the first day of the four day Sunscreen Film Festival for the tenth year. This festival is very special to me because it was the first festival that I had a film premiere at. In an effort to give back and reconnect with the film community in the Tampa/St. Pete area I will also volunteer to help with this festival as well, and in turn get a day pass to attend workshops and screenings. Festivals are such an exciting time it is easy to forget all the year round work that goes into them to create the magical experience (and economy boost) we have. I think that it would be such a dream to work on a festival every single year – even all year round. My goal in these next few months is to learn as much as possible about putting together a festival, who knows maybe I’ll be hosting one of my own one day!