Layover: Dublin

Dublin was good to me, with 20 hours to kill before my next flight I maximized my time. First I grabbed a bite to eat as I figured out what my plan was. I knew I wanted to visit the Jameson distillery, trinity college, and Temple Bar. From there I had every intention of getting lost and enjoying whatever was brought my way.

As I came to the realization Trinity College was one block behind me, the rain started flowing. Making an executive decision, I zipped my raincoat and put my camera in my waterproof backpack heading straight for the building. With a quick walk by and appreciation I continued my mission to find the Jameson distillery. It took a bit of getting lost and discovering on a tram map that I was standing two blocks away.It was spectacular! The Jameson building is still quite original. They have done some renovations recently but kept much of the original work.

On the tour, I really learned quite a bit about the process of making whiskey and what makes scotch, Irish whiskey, and Tennessee whiskey different from each other. Between the ingredients and the style of distilling, each has a distinct flavor to it which I was able to identify during our tasting to understand. The energy was upbeat and the staff was very knowledgeable! I was a little bummed I couldn’t purchase a bottle with my brother’s name on it but that was my fault – I didn’t have my checked luggage with me and wouldn’t be able to take it through security.

After the tour, I made my way back to the temple bar area of Dublin and found the bar of the same name. I listened to live pub music and had a drink before wandering the streets until I was too tired and had to return to the airport for fear of falling asleep! At the airport, I mastered the art of putting chairs together to create a bed and took a well deserved nap before going through security at 4am!

Packing For Change

It is here already! I’m four days away from my exploration and it crept up on me so quickly! I haven’t packed a thing – I just finished unpacking from my move and I have zero motivation. I wish I had a wand like Hermoine so I could whisk everything where I need it without any real effort! Wouldn’t that be lovely?

With all the changes in my life, I need this now more than ever before – I’m ready for a two week hiatus to experience new things and have adventures. Although my original name for this post was Packing Is Such Sweet Sorrow, I feel no sorrow for my trip. I’m incredibly excited! I’ve just been admittedly a little sorrowful in my everyday life for the last few weeks. Perhaps this is just what I need to overcome that.

I’m not sure if I filled you in on my plans for my trip, in Dublin I’ll be visiting the Jameson distillery and picking up a gift for my brother in law. Him and my sister have done a lot for me over the last year. In Amsterdam I will be heading to the Anne Frank Huis and some museums. I’ll also be taking a trip down memory lane and heading to the village of Bergen op Zoom to meet up with an elementary school friend in the town I spent a small period of time living in. Once I head to Paris, I will be seeing my mom for the first time in nearly a year! We will be taking a private photography workshop where we will explore night photography and learn about the history of Paris and other fun factoids. A few days later I will partake in a class with a Sommelier to learn about French wine and cheese pairings. The rest of my time will be spent forming an intimate bond with my camera and basking in the glory of new places and experiences!