Facing Fear: a Writing Experiment

What if I woke up in the morning and found myself completely deaf? Fear sweeps over me as I feel my throat vibrating but hear no scream in my world. My mouth is open yet I can’t get anything out. I see the faucet running but can’t hear the familiar rush of water. Something brushes my leg making me jump ten feet in the air, screaming with the voice I’ll never hear again. Suddenly hot tears stream down my face as my will to live dissipates. I’ll never know what my future children’s voices sound like. Or bask in their gleeful laughter. I see my future fade away as I drop to the floor. My dog nudges my hand looking for morning cuddles. How will I communicate with her now? How will I know when she is trying to warn me of things? Training just hit the next level, I need her now.

A Note About The Author: When I was in the fourth grade we discovered that I have been hearing impaired my entire life. It has changed many things about the way I live my life. These fears are not totally fictional. I’m fully aware that I may hit a time in my life where I am fully deaf.